Mental Health Screenings

Lynchburg Mental Health ScreeingThe easiest way to determine if you or someone you know is at risk to experience, or is currently experiencing, mental health issues is to use one of our screening options. We can help you narrow your symptoms, understand any issues you may have, and work to develop a plan to help you and those you care about live more fully.

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MHACV provides year round, no cost screenings for depressive, anxiety, and eating disorders.  The goals of this service are to raise awareness that mental illnesses are real, common, and treatable, and to ensure that those at-risk receive proper, timely, and effective treatment. Screenings and education programs offer various businesses, college campuses, public schools, health fairs, and physician’s offices a cost effective, confidential, and non-threatening pre-assessment to determine if further evaluation is advisable.  

Self-screening tests are available on our website as well:  Click here.